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March 9th, 2020


I hope that you have remained safe and well and that those of you who are eligible have had their first vaccine.

At the time of writing, we are scheduled to re-open the salon on Tuesday, April 13th. We intend seeing everyone who wishes to have an appointment by the middle of May; I’d appreciate it if anyone who wants an appointment responds to this message, telling me what service they wish to have and informing me of any dates or times they CANNOT attend.

Initial appointments will have to be set by us; once your first visit is arranged, we can then offer more choice of times and dates for the future. When I know who would like to come to the salon, I will make contact by phone over the coming few weeks in order to arrange a time and day for you.

We will still maintain the strict safety protocols we invoked last July, in order to ensure the safety of everyone.

After the initial few weeks, I intend to work only every fourth Saturday, thus ensuring that any clients who work will have the opportunity to get a weekend slot with me at least once a month.

Helen is recovering well from her surgery early in January, although it is taking her a little longer than she expected to regain her strength – she will be ready to return on April 13th all being well.

Stay safe, well and sane!

Very best wishes,

Michael the hair 😊

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